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Going to birds

When I wanted mo draw a stylized bird I just printed "birds" in Pinterest to get millions of birds. I choose the most cute - Fairy Wren and Robin:

Little Robin Redbreast

Came to visit me;

This is what he whistled,

Thank you for me tea.

I made a couple of drawing to get the most characteristic details, to simplify the shape (already quite simple).

And even more simple -

This bird was like a metal toy, so I added some details to make it more "mechanical" -

Voila - here is a mechanical nightingale from the Andersen's tale "Nightingale":

"In the box was a work of art, an artificial nightingale most like the real one except that it was encrusted with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. When it was wound, the artificial bird could sing one of the nightingale's songs while it wagged its glittering gold and silver tail."

My bird appeared to be more humble version of the Emperor's bird - no diamonds or gold, but copper and metal wire. What kind of music might he sing?

More colors to add - it became a pattern.

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