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New felted things - outdoor fotoshooting

The idea to get wool felted clothes came to me after my students had made felted dresses and vests. "Simple dress" seemed to me too simple, so I tried different techniques. I made double-layered dress and a vest, with wool and silk stripes interweaved on the surface.

The vest was very time-consuming and extremely difficult to make - 4 hours to lay the wool -

And 4 hours to full and felt it, with the machine, roller pin, hands on the table and on me by myself. Finally I can tell - don't try to do it again! It was not worth it! Silk and wool made uneven structure and better to use different technique for such an effect. In the end, I had to pull the vest inside out as the wrong side looked better.

The dress was better, blocking the lower layer gave me more colors. Just match the flowers in our compound.

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