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Textures in wool felting

Every time I work with wool I try a new technique to get some fun with texture. Plain wool felted surface is usually great - little wavy and soft, but what if you add some fibers or silk?

This is a detail of a dress "Sunny rays in water", I made a combination of solid pieces of blue and purple wool with viscose fibers on top with the netting of yellow background (it was one layer of merino wool and silk fabric as a lining of a whole dress).

This is a detail of "Moving up" wall hanging. Hairy and thick wool is combined with silk organza to get an impression of a dense substance holding a fish on its way up. Silk thread embroidery add contrast to the fish and shows the different media - glossy and thin in opposite to the coarse surface.

This is a detail of "Invasion" wall hanging with glass beads incorporated in wool felted "wrinkles". I made it to show how different materials can play together. The idea was to show their intercourse and influence to each other, as all living creatures are changing their behaviour meeting others. You can not say weather it is for good or for bad, as the result is usually unpredictable.

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