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Inspiration is here


6 weeks art challenge with
6 various styles to get inspiration for your art projects



Week 1. Medieval Illustrated Manuscripts

Week 2. Sandro Botticelli

Week 3. William Morris

Week 4. Henri Matisse

Week 5. Wassily Kandinsky

#inspirationishere is a 6 weeks artistic challenge to get inspired, boost creativity and expand your artistic horizon.

We started on May 10th, 2021 and every week I posted a topic with some examples and little stories so you can create a piece of art in your favorite media. Some styles might be easy, some styles more hard, but don't be discouraged! This is just a game to explore new styles, learn about artists and share your experience with others.

Who can join: any artist in any media. Not sure if you can call yourself an artist? Do you do art? Yes? Give it a try!

When: you can join any time.

Where: Facebook page Inspiration Is Here. In the end of every week artists will share their art on this page.

In the end of the sixth week there will be a final post with all the works. Every participant, who will show all 6 works on 6 topics, will receive a little gift from me - a PDF file with more creativity games that you can use for your projects.

Join us! It will be fun!

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