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Artists' Walker

Do you need company to talk about your art and friendly advice from a professional artist?

Book a walk!

Artist walking

...and why do you need it...

How does it work?

I walk with artists, yes.

To make walks possible for people in various cities and places, all walks are online via Skype, Zoom, messengers etc., with video or audio, or even texting if you prefer this.

One walk is 1 hour, you choose the topic and I follow you, ask questions, help, support, provide useful information as much as I can.

Book a trial free walk for 15 minutes to check the path!

What you will get:

Flower stage 1

For beginners

  • Ideas on how to improve your technique and feedback

  • Friendly critique on your works

  • Resources on your favorite media and style

  • Basics on composition, color theory, art history

Flower stage 2

For advanced

  • Tips to get inspiration and develop your own style

  • Ideas how to finish the works so they will look professional

  • Ways to find art calls and exhibitions, preparing applications

  • Non-judgmental place to express your artistic ideas

Flower stage 3

For professionals

  • Ears to listen about your projects and future plans

  • Fresh view on your art and feedback if you will ask for it

  • Ideas on developing your style and creating a story of your artistic brand

  • Friendly company along the way

Student's work



"Tina is a very thoughtful and soft mannered teacher. Drawing together is not only about drawing, but about enjoying the process, too. You will not only learn new skills, but also discuss...

Student's work

Why choose me?

I was there:

- I like to draw but not sure if I can be an artist...

And there:

- Some people can do that so cool! How can I create that cool stuff?

I was there:

- I want to show my work, but I don't know how to find art calls or exhibitions...

And there:

- I have so many ideas, but I don't know how to bring them to life. Is it worth it? I am not sure if I am a good artist...

I was there:

- I have nobody to talk and ask for some feedback! Is my art too strange or too primitive?

And there:

- Should I focus on one media in making art or I can combine them? Can I turn my art works into prints or whatever people do now?

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