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Color start

3 basic techniques for beginners

Working with watercolor, acrylic and pencils


This short 3 days course will help you to start painting (if you had no experience) or will give you more creative ideas and practical tips if you had the experience already.

Watercolors: easy or crazy? How to make clear bright colors and how to create deep shadows. Go with the flow and enjoy the color!

Acrylic: should be thick or watery? Various ways to express yourself. We will travel online and paint a landscape from the comfort of our homes.

Pencils: just kindergarten fun or good for serious artists? Mixing colors, hatching and smudging. Drawing flowers is easier than you think!

Join the company, share you works and have fun!

Perfect for the spring break! Engage your kids and join them in a creative journey. I will give you the tips and you can create your own world with no limitations!

Watercolor with Tina Sharapova

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