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"Tina is a very thoughtful and soft mannered teacher. Drawing together is not only about drawing, but about enjoying the process, too. You will not only learn new skills, but also discuss the process itself, your goals and your fears. That was liberating for me, it became easier to draw, I felt more calm and collected. My question was about drawing landscapes. I didn't understand how to draw it, where to look and how to create your own piece.

During the walk we discussed some reference pictures that I collected - why did I like them, what was important for me, what techniques were used to create these effects. Next I had an assignment for self-study and later we discussed my homework. My main result was that I started drawing landscapes. I couldn't do it before as I had no idea where to start, but now I have a clear vision and bravery to draw! I think, it is very cool! Thank you!"

Artist walking
Olga's works
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